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Watch Israel…

So, lets get some simple facts straight.
1.) Israel became a nation in 1948 after decades of preparations (the Rothschild’s and the Balfour Declaration started in the late 1800’s and then two world wars).
2.) The Parable of the Fig Tree.
— Probably one of the most misunderstood and least studied of prophecies.  Did you know that the Fig tree has two harvests each year?  The first being the bitter spring harvest (Israel becoming a nation and all that has been unveiled to date) and the second fall harvest, being sweet (His final return).  The Lord has always been faithful with His creation, especially when it comes to parables concerning plants.  After all, He would not violate His creation with a parable that did not match the natural laws He put into motion, so let’s not assume anything else here.
3.) The Gog/Magog war
4.) The rebuilt Temple
5.) The many signs and wonders of the tribulation
6.) And finally Armageddon
It should be abundantly clear that we rest in the middle of the two harvests.  Still there seems no definitive consensus as to where we are in the prophetic time line… but… Look at Israel.  Israel is on the verge of major change.
In my opinion, it is clear that we should be ready to watch Israel.